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Completely emotionally drained

Spent the day at Chip's mom's service and at his dad's house after. Got home at 1 AM or so.

She was a really cool woman - really intelligent, witty, funny, and she really loved Chip and supported him, even though she didn't quite understand what he's doing. :)

It was so sad to see him so sad about his mom's death. I was crying so much and I didn't expect to. I still don't quite believe she's gone. In my mind I can still her sitting in the library in their house, smoking, drinking a glass of wine, doing a crossword puzzle and idly playing with her two Abyssinian cats. I walk around in their house and I expect her to appear, her hair in rollers, smiling and giving me a big hug.

Really tired now, so going to sleep. Getting dangerously behind on feedback for H-D, thus disproving someone's comment that I have a lot of time to give feedback. *sardonic grin*
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