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Ho ho ho

Just watched the episode of "Fearless" on OLN about Mario and have been vacillating wildly between weepiness and trauma.

For example, the equipment manager talks about Mario's son Austin, while Mario was retired, asking him whether his dad was a good player. *sniffle*

But then Marc Bergevin talks about how one Christmas Mario dressed up as Santa and all the players sat on his lap and he gave them their paycheck. *shrieks*

I can't conceive of Gretzky and Lemieux on the same line. It's like... cheating or something! And there was a little cameo from Nazzy hugging Mario after a goal celebration, hee! Of course there was excessive Jagr with raging mullet. :(

I'm currently psyching myself up to go to work. Yes, it's a Sunday, but I've only been to work like one day last week, so it's not some big thing.

I'm hooked on Inspector Parker. My brain goes nuts on those damn 6x6 room puzzles, but it's so addictive!

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