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Hockey doesn't need cheerleaders because our players look good in drag

doublehelix20, can I have your mailing address? You can email it to my LJ address.

Further proof that hockey announcers don't think about what they're saying... Thrashers guy: "Who needs cheerleaders in our sport, when you have a guy like Kovalchuk?"

He must have seen him in the skirt.

From Strong start fuels victory:


A meeting Friday between Carlyle and Sykora resulted in Sykora skating on the top line alongside Andy McDonald and Teemu Selanne. The trio combined for six points, with McDonald and Selanne assisting on goals by Sykora and Salei, and Sykora setting up Niedermayer's power-play conversion.

Sykora, who is on the verge of being traded, according to his agent, Rich Winter, had played on the fourth line with Todd Fedoruk and Tyler Wright in two previous appearances since returning from a five-game absence caused by a strained groin. Upon instructions from Ducks general manager Brian Burke, Carlyle held Sykora out of the lineup in Buffalo.

Sykora, who had a game-high six shots, also skated up front on the club's top power-play unit against Montreal, after having manned a point most of the season. The goal, Sykora's fifth of the season, was his first since Nov. 3 at Colorado, and the two-point game was only his second of the season.

"That's exactly the response we're looking for," Carlyle said.

Whether Sykora enhanced his stock with Carlyle and Burke, or rather his trade value, is uncertain.

"It's one hockey game, and I can't control these things," Sykora said. "All I can do is just show up every day and try to do my best. Whatever's going to happen is going to happen. What I'm looking for (next), is the game in Toronto as a Mighty Duck. If I look at it some other way, that will drive me crazy."

I'm kind of going a little crazy myself.


Giguere registered 21 saves to even his career record against the Canadiens at 2-2-1. The victory, which came in front of nearly his entire family, was Giguere's first in his hometown.

"It's very special, obviously," Giguere said. "It's not easy to win here. I'm real happy with the way all the guys played. I put a team dinner on the board, and I'll be happy to pay them a team dinner."

I had no idea hockey players were so cheap! I wonder what I could get out of one if I bought him dinner.

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