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I started to tell Chip that I was in one of the pictures on the Sharks website, and he interrupted me and asked, "Does it say Wanted: Stalker At Large under it?" :P

I fail at HTML. Stupid tables and inexplicable gaps and bizarre positioning of elements. *mutter* *grumble*

Marco scored last night. :) Hmm, what are the Avs intending to do with their goalies? If you haven't been to Divealanche in a while, check it out, especially the news section and player profiles. E.g.:

Not long ago, some of our operatives in Los Angeles held a "Divealanche" banner up to the front row glass while the Avs were warming up. Infuriated, Hinote skated to the top of the circle and began firing shot after shot at those holding the sign.

Had a single one of those pucks made it to the glass, someone could've been hurt

Alex just asked me to look at his "pelvic tilt".
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