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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Marian is a gum chewing water bottle slut!

Went to the Thrashers/Sharks game last night with tersa and it was lots of fun! The last time I saw Marian play live I didn't love him yet, so I was a little more observant this time. :P I think he scored 2 goals the last time - there was definitely a penalty shot - so he's kind of like Petr that way.

Watched the pregame warmups and Ilya was the last one out on the ice. Marian chews gum nonstop. Ilya also chews gum, but very intermittently. He had little rosy cheeks. Marian has a light layer of stubble that is completely invisible on camera, heh.

Marian is also a water bottle slut. He's talking to Havelid (Marian, just because his name sounds like Havlat, it doesn't mean he's a good substitute) by the bench, and Havelid's drinking water, and as soon as he puts it down, Marian grabs it and takes a swig, even though there's like 3 other bottles within reach. Then immediately after putting it down he grabs a different bottle and takes a sip, looking at it suspiciously.

The shampoo incident has obviously scarred him for life.

The OLN and radio people were totally raving about him and talking about how he's not just a scorer, but he checks too and he's a complete player. And apparently in the radio interview they were talking about how he had the whole give-and-go (heh heh) thing with Marty because Marty's also a passer, but Ilya's a shooter, and the radio guys were saying how you could tell from the tone of this voice that (and here they pause, and I think he's very sad and misses Marty a lot) he's not used to that yet.

Oh yeah, it was also Joe Thornton's home debut. ;)

One of the Boston writers was talking about how Joe is a nice guy, and how he wasn't a leader, blah blah blah, and that makes me feel more reassured, actually. I think that'll work out here. Plus, what's not to like about someone who can pass well? Err, this is all on a hockey level, of course.

I thought Vesa had a good game, although I did find myself worrying about his groin (hahaha). Two of the three goals scored on him were Marian's breakaways, and I don't fault him for those. He was really solid in the third period. A lot of people want to play Schaefer instead. I don't think he'd be a big improvement. People just have warm and fuzzy feelings because of that 5-game win streak. :P I think that was more about him being a spark than playing that well, although he did have one very good game there.

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:( I miss him. I'm not gonna get to see him at all this season either.

At least he's still in the same conference?

I missed the Sharks game to watch Nip/Tuck.

"I sprayed a bunch in my mouth and started to swallow. It almost made me sick," he said. "Then I spit it out and I drank a whole bottle of water. Well, then I started getting bubbles in my mouth because of the soap. It was awful."

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH I shouldn't laugh but that's fucking hilarious.

This is the same guy who forgot to bring his running shoes on a road trip to Florida, then went to Walmart and bought $10 shoes and complained that they were bad.

aww he's special. I mean there has got to be a Champs in Florida or something. Seriously?

Ottawa Senators forward Marian Hossa, who forgot his running shoes, and bought a pair for $16 at Wal-Mart to get through the team's 40-minute workout: "My feet are already hurting"

haahahahaha good stuff. Serves him right!

Aww, Marian. I'm pretty sure I secretly still just think he's in the press box. I try to think of him in Atlanta, and my brain shrieks and runs away.

(Oh, and shockingly, this icon is not any less VIOLENTLY PAINFUL than your other Martian one! :-P)

I think that writer was completely wrong about Joe being a poor leader, but I do think he'll be a good fit there. Now that I can actually think about it, a little. ::pats him::

He actually seems pretty happy there. He did an interview during one of the Thrashers games and he talked about how he likes that it's warm, and that his favorite road city is "Florida" (seriously). He's also surrounded by Slavs, and also his idol Peter Bondra is there, but still, he should be in Ottawa with Marty. *sigh*

Haha, after you commented on it I thought that the other one was inappropriately cheerful so I made a new one.

I'm glad that Joe isn't one of those people who totally tries to dominate and stuff. Wouldn't work here at all. It's also hilarious how he says things like, "I wake up and there's sunshine!!!"

Yeah, I'm glad he's happy too. I think it's harder for Marty, being left behind. He really does look vaguely ill when he has to talk about it.

Hee! Yeah, personality-wise, he should be a great fit. I was going to say I hope he flourishes and sticks it to Boston, but they still have players I like! This is clearly unfair. Couldn't they have traded with Columbus or somebody?

Anyway, one nice thing about Joe being in SJ right now is that Sharks games aren't among the last in the highlight reels out here anymore. ;)

One by one, all the guys he's close to are traded away. :(

I had to do a total about-face on Boston! Now, I actually kind of like them! Hrmph.

joe is gonna do well with some pressure off, or a differnt kind of pressure, or something *g*

ahh marian *loves*

Nobody's going to watch him play anymore cos' he's on the West Coast, hahaha!


"I wake up and there's sunshine!!!"

Okay, that's just hilarious. And somebody should totally slash him with Alyn. Because Alyn is sunshine? Something like that. Pretend my piss-poor excuse makes sense :)


You know, Thorty and Alyn have totally been bonding for real, always talking to each other on the bench and stuff. :)

Eeee, really? That kind of makes my entire life. Because imagine the dorkness they would bring to a relationship. It would be... epic. More than epic.

Hey, Thorty isn't dorky at all! He's all like, cool and stuff, in his station wagon.

I meant Joe. But obviously both Thorntons would work. Especially Thorty, who is a special kind of dork in his own way (motorcycle/station wagon kind of cancel each other out, I think. Maybe. Hmm.). And there hasn't been enough Thorty fic around. Cough choke.

Ahh, I don't know all that much about Joe. *squints suspiciously at him*

Hey, I just posted "Ciao Bella" which was like.... really, really long (for me)!!!

Hmmmm. Hope he's not a Swede in sheep's clothing. One of them clone-types.

You did!! Sigh, Thorty.

I still feel like every time I heard somebody act like Ilya doesn't/can't pass they've never actually watched him play, just read aobut him (announcers, I mean) 'cause like. The man can thread a damn pass. Just ALL LAST YEAR when he was playing with AHLers, they weren't so much with the anticipation. But he passed to Dany, oh. And now to Kozzy, and he seems to heart Marian too.

Marian's definitely loved down here, the fans are enthusiastic. Perhaps more so because they're (we're) so bitter about Dany asking to leave, so we're determined to love his replacement that much more. Unforunately, the goalie situation hasn't allowed anyone to hit their full stride, and apparently the west coast is not helping...my poor boys. How'd Exy look? He just got promoted to second line, it's about damn time, and we adore him.

That's a pretty chronic problem with a lot of the analysts in the league.

It's also an issue of people concentrating on his shot because it's so good. The Thrashers PP is generally a variation on get the puck to Ilya on the left point so he can take a shot and it's been quite effective.

We were looking at the team and noticing all the Slavic names. They have quite a club going there.

I've read that there's a (more or less even) divide among fans who still love him, and fans who are upset that he asked for the trade. I think it was selfish of him to abandon his team after all the support he received, and it's sort of running away from his problems. *shrug*

Exelby was definitely a presence. And guys were trying to hit him and bouncing off, it was pretty funny. :P

It's been pretty amazingly bad luck as far as the goalie situation goes. There were a few games I was watching earlier in the season that should have been Thrashers wins if they'd had pretty solid goalies. Can't really blame Berkhoel or Garnett though, to start, given how experienced they were, and they're looking a lot better recently.

The subtitle or whatever kills me: Was it Finesse or Herbal Essence?

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