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That's mah boys!

Patty Marleau is the NHL's Offensive Player of the Week!

Vesa makes me really happy, because apparently he volunteers his groin status without even being asked! From Old Leaf helps Sharks turn over new one:
``It has been a tough season,'' Toskala said, referring to his two groin injuries, an 0-4 record and a 5.05 goals-against average entering Saturday. ``I'm happy to win, but I might be more happy with the way my groin feels. I didn't feel anything wrong.''

Which just makes it sound like he's constantly groping himself.

Joe Thornton seems to pass a lot, and according to Phil Esposito:
He'll shoot more and pass less in San Jose. I had lunch with him last summer and asked him why he didn't shoot more. He said he felt it was his duty to set up Glen Murray. He said Murray was the shooter and he was the set-up man.

Now we know what the roles are in that relationship.
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