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NorCal reporting at its best

Hot on the heels of yesterday's "Not Quite Kissin' Cousins" headline is this one: Zito Says: Whatever, Dude

I like Joe Thornton's new role on the team, the one where he immediately overshadows everyone, media-wise. From Heat now off McCauley for his Toronto return:

For center Alyn McCauley, the Sharks' acquisition of Joe Thornton meant two things: moving to left wing to maintain his ice time and receiving less of the media glare for today's ``Hockey Night in Canada'' match at Toronto.
``When we were skating around, I said to Joe: `Yeah, you know what, now I won't have all the heat on me,' '' McCauley cracked. ``It's going to be the Big Joe Show.''

This was kinda' interesting:

Foreshadowing or coincidence? When Thornton got home from the Bruins' practice Wednesday, he said his dad was ``watching `Jaws' on the big screen.''

We have a Swede on the team again! And his name is... Doug Murray, LOL. I'm going to have to find out the story on that.

[Edit: Because apparently Nils Ekman isn't a Swede. I guess I just haven't noticed him much this season--but who has? :P]

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