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Kissing Cousins!

Well, there's something to be said for trades waking teams up...

I don't know if the headline will still be up when you look at this, but...

It says "Not Quite Kissin' Cousins" above a picture of Scott and Joe Thornton hugging. I am at a complete loss to explain this in any way.

In other news, Petr and Giguere have apparently been given the team's blessing to uhh, "rehabilitate" each other.

Giguere and Sykora practiced on the ice Thursday while the rest of the team went through an off-ice workout.
Forward Petr Sykora was one of the few players who skated Thursday as he tested his injured groin through an intense hour-long session.

There are also quotes on Petr's, umm, "performance".

"He's gotten himself to where he's very close," Carlyle said.
(Petr said,) "I didn't do a lot of shooting, but I still was out there for (an) hour. I think that's a positive thing for me."

[Edit: Drew talked about our boys in Boston for a bit, and he talked about how the three of them were going to see the trade as an opportunity for a fresh start, and that's why they all chose new numbers. *weepy*]
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