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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Still stunned

Well, I'm still stunned, but not feeling faint anymore.

Joe Thornton? *blink* *blink* It's a good thing that I don't loathe him anymore, and merely dislike him. :P

But stunned.... I can't even ache/cry for Marco yet. He just bought a new house. The "new house curse", Drew said. On a hockey level it's a great deal for us unless Joe's back breaks or something. Oh man.

Will the Thornton cousins square off with the Niedermayer brothers? Does Scott Niedermayer even fight? Heh.


Uhh... I will update again when I'm less stunned? Eep.

*hugs newfashiongirl*

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thorntons vs neidermayers would be hot lol

*hugs you hard*

*hugs* Thanks! And umm, one of the four would be hot. ;)

im all abut the two scotts

I seem to recal it was Scott Niedermayer who went after Jagr in a big scrum at the end of the period at the World Championships two years ago.

Maybe it wasn't Jagr. Maybe it was against Sweden and that's how the bros ended up in the penalty box together on Mother's Day.

Cousins Thornton would whoop Brothers Niedermayer any day! :P

Hee, that's really cute. :) Scott and Rob have been in the box together in at least one game so far this year for the Ducks.

how come i don't get a hug? i'm wicked devestated over here!

i got shit at work all night because i just kept randomly saying, 'joe thornton. joe fucking thornton. unfuckingbelievable.' it's gonna take a long time for this one to sink in.

You get more than a hug!!!!!!!!! (I don't really know what that means)

You know what else sucks? Tomorrow the Bruins play the Sens and our (ex-)boys are going to be destroyed. :(

Everyone is totally blown away by this trade. Well, except maybe Doug Wilson and the Bruins GM.

I've been reading so many articles. Will spam tomorrow.

Yeah, I didn't hear about it until this morning... I can't even.. I'm crying, literally. It's... yeah. Wow.

Ahh yeah, Frala told me you were sick. It's a total shock to everyone. Except the GMS, I suppose...

Yeah, I think I've gone to work like 7 hours all week. Missed both days of class. Not been a good week for me.

you are the first one i thought of when i found out at the game last night! *hugs*

dude, it's a great deal for the sharks... i'm less than thrilled to have thornton in the western conference, muchless our rival!! ;) but seriously, it's a great thing for you guys. i wish we could have kidnapped sturm and stuck him on our bench.

*hugs* Thank you. :)

As long as there's nothing majorly wrong with him, it's good for us. We need someone who can score goals, LOL!

Ahh, Marco. *sniffle*

i was all "wtf?" whenever they were having issues with the roster before opening faceoff. then razor noticed that the boys weren't out there after the pregame skate and knew something was up. then i got a call. :| dude i really like marco a lot. and it's saying a lot for me to like a shark (excluding marleau *drool* hehe) *ahem*... :P i think joe will fit in nicely. and yeah, you guys definitely need someone who can score goals lol.

Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! You picked a good pair of guys to like! *giggle*

I'll be interested to see how they decide to arrange the lines now. I guess Buffalo is as good an opponent as any to test things against, haha.

gah i just NOW got this comment in my email! *kicks LJ*

*drools some more over marleau*


seems to be working out for you guys! ;)

(Deleted comment)
Ugh yeah, or the parents flew out to watch me play curse eh?

And I *still* don't know whose teal jersey I'm going to get yet!!!!

Augh! Primeau made me cry!


Primeau left a note on the greaseboard in the Sharks' locker room that read: ``Good luck boys, I will miss you guys, Preems.''



::hugs tight:: Oh my god, I'M still walking around in a daze, I can't even imagine how you guys feel. I'm just . . . whoa. I mean, I LIKE Joe Thornton -- he is was the only guy I really respected in Boston -- but holy shit. Maaaaarco! ::cries::

*hugs* All the sports guys in Canada seemed totally stunned too. Man.

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