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Trade rumour time!

Happy birthday, flanneryflyer!!! I ♥ you!!!

Why Petr Sykora should go to the Rangers
I'm really excited about Petr's impending trade. Especially if he goes to the Rangers! He would be so happy! That locker room is overflowing with Czech love. The boy needs Czech love to play. Vinny Prospal goes back to Tampa Bay and Petr can't score goals anymore. :(

Plus he would be playing with not one, but two of his idols: Jaromir Jagr and Martin Straka! That always kills me. Straka is four years older than him. He's not so much an idol as a crush, I think. Plus, Straka is his homie. They could sit around and drink Pilsner Urquell together and reminisce about their Gothic Bohemian hometown.

And then there's the cradle robber factor! Petr will get to pick up right where he left off at the World Championships putting the moves on young Petr Prucha!

And finally, but definitely not the least important, he would be back in that area, and there would be a tearful reunion with his poor, liver-challenged BFF Patty Elias. *sniffle* And Patty could take him shopping and they could go to Broadway musicals together, and Patty could bring him to a real hair salon.

My love is unconditional
In other (actual) hockey news, the Sharks are actually doing better than I expected this season. I thought we overachieved last season, and then we lost like, all our veterans except Thorty, and I love him to death and he's my favourite player, and he's been to the Stanley Cup Final, but he's not the guy who's led his previous teams and stuff. We lost Rathje, and I know he's made some very noticeable mistakes with big consequences, but overall I thought he was very steady.

I don't have any huge complaints about the play of the team during this 9 (9???) game losing streak. I thought the effort was there and I don't really ask more of them. I don't think I could handle being a primary fan of a team that wins effortlessly. But maybe I could and I just haven't experienced it yet. I mean, look at the 49ers and the Golden State Warriors. *grin*

The most recent episode of Shark Byte killed me. There was a longish Thorty segment, 5 questions with Alyn McCauley, and guys in the locker room being asked about annoying characteristics of their roommates and what is it that Alyn does that Preissing can't say on television??? There needs to be fic about that. Or something.

I have all of those clips as .avis, btw, and if you'd like to see them, leave a comment or IM me and I'll give you the link.

In disturbing news, I started the season with a frighteningly quick and growing affection for the Thrashers. I love Marian. He was my favourite player on the Sens. And I find that without Heatley there, Ilya suddenly became like, 10 times more appealing. It's kind of amazing. Like I can watch him miss out on an easy rebound after he hits the post because he was busy celebrating what he thought was a goal and just laugh at him and before I would probably have been disgusted.

I even briefly considered going alone to watch the Thrashers play here next month. >.<

'Tis the season for cancellations, fa la la la la, la la la la
Alias, Arrested Development (most likely), Threshold and Night Stalker have all been canceled. The only one I'll really miss is Arrested Development. *raises arms* Steve Holt!

Tuesday night is like, the most blatantly slashy night on television. Or maybe it's beyond slashy.

It's... it's... meta slashy! I mean look at Nip/Tuck. There's a slash right there in the show title! And House constantly joking about his gay relationship with Wilson and Chase's hotness. And Supernatural, with the constant showering. Always with the showering. Or maybe I just remember the showering. Hmm.

I've been watching I Shouldn't Be Alive, which is about true survival stories, and been feeling really happy that I have things like food, and water, and that there's nothing wrong with my feet, and I'm indoors and not being stalked by jaguars, lions or hyenas, bitten by insects, circled by sharks, etc. I highly recommend it! :P
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