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Groin status game of the year

Happy birthday, redden6!!!

And happy belated birthday to arami. :)

Now, listening to the Sharks announcers, I'm used to some pretty funny (upsetting) comments. But I don't believe anything they've said is as upsetting as the Isles announcers tonight. I am so happy now!

The context is that Shawn Bates has two badly pulled groins (something they discussed at great length near the beginning of the game) yet managed to score two goals. The following exchange occurs after his second goal:

GUY 1: (Islanders coach) Steve Stirling should take him after the game and stretch his legs as far as they go apart and make sure they stay pulled!
GUY 2: What a play! Has to kick up the puck to his skates, with those bad groins, and then the perfect shot.
GUY 1: I'm telling you, keep those groins pulled.
GUY 2: *attempts to go back to talking about hockey*
GUY 1: You know those chains in medieval times, those contraptions they used to torture people -
GUY 2: Oh yeah!
GUY 1: and put them in, that's what they should do to Shawn Bates, put him in one of those and make sure he's hurting like crazy before the game tomorrow.

Followed by more groin discussion.

I declare this the groin status game of the season.

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