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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status

Welcome back, Feds!

Last night, before the Ducks game, they showed an interview with Sergei Fedorov, and he said, "I'm going to have to monitor my groin very closely."

It may have made my night!

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lmfao@your icon.

that is greatness!

1 - Yo, Sergei, TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Waaaaay too mucb information. *laughs*

2 - love the icon! =)

3 - shows my brain is filthy. Tony Amonte broke a scoreless drought last night, and the first person to jump into his arms? Darren McCarty. They both promptly fell onto the ice. Care to guess where my brain went next? *g*


well anyone who dated ann k would be used to people asking him about his groin, specifically any burning itching sensations.

bwhahahaha, no I love her. But that joke had to be made.

*grin* What's the real reason Pavel Bure retired, eh?

BWAHAHA! Is there any possible way I could get Captain Feds to say that? RL Sergei is such a DORK! XD

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