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OMG, ALYN!!! And the hop! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! *tackles him* Today has been a good day for joolzie's boys. :P

It's just so perfect that he got that goal on the PK because he's been so good on it. :) And he looked so sad on the bench after he crashed into Mason, like he was going to cry. He had a helluva game though, before that, I think not having a goal was really eating at him.

Also, from the recap of the game: Alyn McCauley proudly pulled on his brown and white clown shoes for his postgame trip home WTF?! Can I have an explantion of this please? :)

This Friday's game against the Ducks is radio only, which was upsetting until I checked the schedule for Comcast games online and found out that they're showing it! Hopefully, the blackout restriction doesn't apply to it. :P I'll be very disappointed if they're actually competent enough to figure it out, heh heh.

Oh, Lira! On Monday night, Mickael Pietrus was on Monday Night Live (yes, I was watching football, shh) pimping the Warriors, and he was talking about Baron Davis, and he started "he is like a brother" and the interviewer, who's black, said, "You're a brutha! And I'm a brutha too!" and Mickael just kind of grinned and went on. French guy and brutha just doesn't compute for me. *giggle*

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