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The Invincible M.A.E.

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OMG, ALYN!!! And the hop! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! *tackles him* Today has been a good day for joolzie's boys. :P

It's just so perfect that he got that goal on the PK because he's been so good on it. :) And he looked so sad on the bench after he crashed into Mason, like he was going to cry. He had a helluva game though, before that, I think not having a goal was really eating at him.

Also, from the nhl.com recap of the game: Alyn McCauley proudly pulled on his brown and white clown shoes for his postgame trip home WTF?! Can I have an explantion of this please? :)

This Friday's game against the Ducks is radio only, which was upsetting until I checked the schedule for Comcast games online and found out that they're showing it! Hopefully, the blackout restriction doesn't apply to it. :P I'll be very disappointed if they're actually competent enough to figure it out, heh heh.

Oh, Lira! On Monday night, Mickael Pietrus was on Monday Night Live (yes, I was watching football, shh) pimping the Warriors, and he was talking about Baron Davis, and he started "he is like a brother" and the interviewer, who's black, said, "You're a brutha! And I'm a brutha too!" and Mickael just kind of grinned and went on. French guy and brutha just doesn't compute for me. *giggle*

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yay your boys!! :D

fooooootball whore :P *giggles*

*ashamed* I was so proud when we won that game with our rodeo cowboy 4th string QB.

shofixti and I had dubbed Alyn "The Invisible Man" because even though he'd played in every game so far, his performance was so uninspiring we missed that he was on the ice most of the time. ("Is McCauley even playing? Have you seen him skate?")

Last night, he was noticed, even before he got the game winner. (That knock into Mason if nothing else. That looked seriously owie. And made me think of Nabby's injury). He needs to keep up like he played last night!

Dude, he had 6 shots last night. 6! And that doesn't even cover the shots he couldn't get off, or his passes to linemates for good scoring chances.

He was totally possessed last night!



Maybe, he was speaking strangely last night after the game though! And then there's this quote: But even I, who hadn't scored in 12 games, couldn't miss that one.

He sounds like a badly-written newspaper article! Probably spent too much time on the run reading. *nod*

i <3 mickael pietrus. he and baron davis are like brothers and it makes me all warm and fuzzy. ^_^

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