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The Invincible M.A.E.

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New layout!

Thanks to the unbelievably talented Neo for this layout!!! I'm so squeeful about this. Thornstrom!!!

Umm, I still have a few things to figure out and fix, but, umm this layout is just too cool not to put it up. :P

*hops excitedly*

Thank you thank you thank you again, Neo!!!

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no doubt its way awesome

^_^; ehehe. I had fun making it. Going through all those Thorty and Sundstrom pictures .. mwahahah .. eheeeee ... *cough*

Erm. XD Oh about that weird .. erm .. gap in your links there: http://neo.lunap.com/stuff/mae.html

right after all that blue is the section for you all your links. Replace it with the stuff you have on yours and it should be all fixed.

I'm gonna go watch the Leafs lose now. *waves*

Seriously, this is so freaking awesome, thank you so much!!! And I'm glad you enjoyed going through the pictures. Okay going to fix up the gaps and stuff now. Sorry about the Leafs. :( I watched my Sharkies lose too tonight.

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