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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh my poor heart

The goal of the "new NHL" seems to be to kill me.

It's nice to have an AHL goalie in a shootout. :P

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That game had one hell of a finish. Way to beat the Flames! I also particularly enjoyed Marleau's hit on Marchment.

He's very sneaky about those! And then he looks completely innocent and emotionless afterwards. Hmm, I suppose that just means there's no change...

i don't know why i'm using this icon

nolan schaefer is the current love of my life. that is all.

I fell asleep :(

I tried SO HARD to fight the closing eyes, but I lost :(

But yay for you!

Haha, was that before the Sharks tied it up? I understand if so, but if you fell asleep after...

Yeah, it was. And through sleep I could hear that they tied it up but I was so out of it that I couldn't even open my eyes :(

Me, too.

However, I immediately thought of you and I'm now so very sad that you didn't post about something Drew said during the Calgary broadcast.

While he and Randy were discussing Brad Boyes, Drew announced "I've always liked Boyes[/boys]." And Randy very deliberately says, "That's *Brad* Boyes."

I laughed and laughed and laughed and thought of you. :)

OMG!!! Thanks for telling me that, I totally missed it!!! I must be losing my touch, bwahaha! That's so awesome!!! <3 Drew and Randy.

Heehee. :)

You have, of course, ruined me. I watched the Dallas game over the weekend and kept waiting for the thong discussion, and cringed when it came up. :)

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