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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patty Patty Patty!!!


Patty was so excited after scoring that goal he actually cracked a smile!

Oh man, there's going to be so much loving tonight--and that's just the announcers!

RANDY: Saw you at the pool today in your Speedos. You've been working out!
DREW: Yes, maintaining.
RANDY: Thank God you got rid of that thong.
DREW: Very continental though, don't you think?
RANDY: *quickly* Here's Jason Arnott...

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Ahahahahahah. Though I think it's the transition from thongs to Jason Arnott that really cracked me up for some reason. ;p

Ahh yes, the end of that sentence was "... in a thong!"

Yay! ::buys Patty a pony::

Bwahaha! Also, Arnott and thongs clearly belong in the same conversation.

They interviewed him after the game and he still had that monotone going, but he was smiling throughout--I think that's the most emotional I've ever seen him!

seriously, i looked up when jim alerted me and they were mobbing him, and i was like...is that patty? why does he look so weird? omg HE'S SHOWING EMOTION.

but it's okay, cause sturmy gets pumped up enough for both of them. ;)

also, our slashy announcers are the best. traumatic, but the best.

It doesn't even look like him!!!

I love how Marco always slams his stick into the glass after he scores. :)

(Deleted comment)
I think they tend to take the feed of the home team, and the Sharks have had like... 2 home games so far. :P

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