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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mmm, slashy goodness

From a Mercury News article, October 28, 2002:
"We're still learning to play with each other," Marleau said of Selanne, but added he needs to "take it upon myself more."

Another issue is a groin injury that nearly kept Marleau out Oct. 21 against Vancouver.

Hmm, the lesbian is a top, is he now? And straining himself too much so he wants to try being a bottom?

Note to self: Must not slash the lesbian with Teemulanne.

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If that guess was Magic!khabi you are RIGHT! FWEE! Thank you! All I had to do was watch Cool Shots :-D

*SQUEAL* Magic, sparkly Khabi! Making awesome saves too! :) I'm so glad you got to see it! Such an awesome ad :)

Teehee... slashy goodness... And Teeeemuuu is sososo slasherific. It's something about his pointiness. I'm not sure. You should write that.

Pointiness? LOL! I'm not sure that I could slash him ... he's just so ... aloof(?)

*giggle* The lesbian is a switcher, hmmmmm..... interesting. I have this great video of Teemu's when he was playing for Winnipeg. Just thought I'd mention that. For, you know, no reason :)

You're so cute. You know you want to write LesbuLanne *GRIN*

Switcher! I enhance my vocabulary every day. Ahh!!! Lesbulanne!!! *giggle* No, no, no ... I couldn't possibly slash Teemulanne. *peers at Lira* Besides he's soinlove with Paul Kariya :)

*grin* I'm glad to help in enhancing your vocab :) C'mon, Lesbulanne!! It just rolls off your tongue. Could be good *G*

You could possibly. *GRIN*

Weeeellll.... there could be Lesbulanneriya *GIGGLE*

No no no!!! Bad thoughts!!! Will not slash Teemulanne! He's unslashable! He is! *weeps*

*calms self with Natuzzi thoughts*

Awwww :( No even with the Lesbian??

Hmmmm well that could be good *G*

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