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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thursday and Friday TV shows

I just finished the world's largest slice of pizza. *burp*

I love the ending to Nip/Tuck this week. Not so much the identity of the latest Carver victim, but Christian's decision. None of this bullshit Star Trek: Voyager there's a logical course of action to take to save millions, but we won't because it might hurt someone's feelings! stuff. This is so much better than middle-aged cutting. ;)

I got to Wednesday before hockey started and took over, so sneaking in Thursday and Friday now.


This is not bad. I hate present day Carla's makeup. I'm not a fan of them constantly telling me that those people are best friends and super close and all that and not actually showing it. But I suppose they're trying to squish a year's events into each episode.

Night Stalker
Ooh, this could be really good. It's the atmosphere that makes this feel different from other shows, like something set in the Cthulhu Mythos.

We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.

This show has the promise to depict that world. Or it could just degenerate into yet another crappy freaky creature of the week rip-off of X Files, and Supernatural is already doing that and doing it well.

Haven't watched any episodes yet. I'll probably collect a bunch and watch them all at once, like I did last season. That kind of thing is good for people who have no memories like me. Still feeling faint disgust at the getting hit by a car thing at the end of last season.


Ghost Whisperer
Crap. I'm going to delete this season pass from TiVo when I get home. There's never anything at stake in this show. *yawn* I already have Las Vegas for completely safe, brain dead entertainment and it's better because it has much boobage.

The worst of the big three alien shows (Invasion and Surface are the other two) which is what makes it the best! There is nothing - not logic, credibility, physics, nothing - that will get in the way of exciting scenes and unnecessary peril! Plus, I love the trees made of glass.

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haha I love Las Vegas... I thought it was be totally stupid but I always find myself watching it right before Medium comes on.

It's completely dumb!!! But in a really fun way. :P

Josh Duhamel makes it worth watching. I think Vanessa Marcel is so fucking beautiful.

I want to punch James Caan a few times though and that chick who plays his daughter. Molly Sims? or something... OH AND NICKI COX is so hot... all these beautiful people. Fuck them.

Really? I don't find Vanessa Marcil pretty at all, although I like her character.

I miss Nessa, though. :(

I haven't watched in awhile. What happened to her?

At the end of last season, she found out that her father is still alive, and she and Delinda went to London(?), uhh, somewhere in Europe, to look for him, and supposedly she's still looking for him now.

Oh.. yeah I remember them getting on the plane.

God, I used to watch Josh Duhamel on All My Children and he was teh fucking sex then and he still is. I'm glad he's become successful outside of soaps. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

Yes me too... LEO! He was so hot. Him and Greenlee... then he died or something. I don't know I stopped watching it before then. Last I remember he married that retarded girl, Laura or whatever. Whatever he name was.. the actress was so bad and annoying.

It might be my favourite one on the album!

I'm still six episodes in to the first season but I just have to say-- Shawn (Sean?)'s ridiculously sweet and wise and mature son? Such a fanfic cliche. I love it.

Do you notice the eerie resemblance to Michael Jackson? In fact in the one episode where this Michael Jackson impersonator asks for more work to be done on his nose and it gets turned down, that is the actor who plays his son!

REALLY?! Now that you mention it, he DOES.

Have you ever seen Spooks?

I don't know. But apparently it's now the best show that I'm not watching. Previously this was VMars, but now I'm watching that. It's this BBC show about spies. I think. Wanted to see if you'd seen it.

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