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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Big pimpin'

So Thorty's ride is... a station wagon, bwahahahahahahaha! Lira, you must watch Shark Byte. He's big pimpin' in San Jose. And he kept emphasizing the Hemi. He is so cool. *gigglesnort*

My big tough studly (ex-enforcer) tattooed power forward drives a station wagon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My big tough studly (ex-enforcer) tattooed power forward drives a station wagon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heehee. :) With two kids, I'm not entirely surprised. But it's still funny. I need to sit down and watch the new "Shark Byte".

Hey, at least maybe it gets better gas mileage than the behemoth SUVs a lot of the players drive.

Dude, it's a totally awesome episode!!! He keeps ripping on Drew too. It's awesome.

There are dirty socks and golf shoes in the trunk. *loves*

Mmmy, dirty Thorty socks. Er.


Hey, and he also rides mountain bikes. I think between that and the station wagon it's proof he's been Californicated--which makes sense, since an article in the Merky said he now lives in the area year-round.

Dude! Apparently he did really well in some race... up Mount Whitney or something? Like only 20% of entrants actually finish it.

Ahh, I read the year-round thing. Dude, dude, dude, his wife plays hockey now too!!!

that kinda makes him hotter somehow!

It makes me love him even more.

I would love to see him at Costco or Safeway...kids in tow doing the grocery shopping. *giggles*

I'll bet he totally does that and goes straight for the stuff on special.

At least you didn't also say 'with coupons', or I think I might've died. :)

Oh man, I love him so much. I miss getting to watch those shows :(

Haha a station wagon! Man, what a motherfucking P-I-M-P!

He was joking about how he removed the wood trim too!

Haha so what you're saying is that he actually had a woody?

As if this couldn't get any better!

Yeah, I bet he had that lowered and put some rims on that shit. Add some hydraulics and he'd be kickin' it Mission District style.

And screaming "Hemi!" out the window!

Hemi, Woody, sexy Sharks boyfriend and Pimpin in the same thread? We totally get gold stars and sex with Sharks for this!

THAT's his ride? Oh man, I would have had so much more respect if it was a classic Woody.

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