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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status

Groin status of the week!

I have to ask Hal Gill, "What is the status of your groin?"

Assorted hockey thoughts... I was so proud of how Patty Marleau played against Chicago. He was just so confident. I'm not used to seeing him like that. I think it's the Team Canada experience. My heart swells.

I am older than everyone in the team except Thorty. WTF?!!! I like their babyness though. They're kinda' inept in a babyish way, not in a lazy way. It's cute. :)

Given that the Rangers = Team Czech, I think the NY fans should learn the Czech "hop, hop, hop" chant to spur the team on. And then the team should actually gather around and hop together after wins and smear honey all over each other's faces.

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Groin status? Apparently, it's a raspberry.

(From the Ottawa Sun)

Hal Gill wound up with only a raspberry on the gooseberries.

The Boston Bruins defenceman didn't quite get away without a scratch when Senators forward Martin Havlat aimed his right skate at Gill's private parts Saturday night.

"He got me. It's not bad. I got like a raspberry out of it," Gill told Boston reporters yesterday.

Very appropriate icon for all the groin pulls the League has seen so far this season!

Haha, Allie made this for me last season when I pointed out to Kennedy how cool it is that in sports it's considered just fair game to ask an athlete all about their groin and then we started asking each other "What is the status of your groin?" and...

Some dude on OLN talked about the groin injury epidemic and gave the cause as: "Their groins weren't ready for the season."

You just threw that hopping and honey thing in there so I wouldn't hate you forever. :(

Haha, I have never worried about offending you, slutty alcoholic wife!

(Clarification: She's somebody else's slutty alcoholic wife--not mine!)

Hal would say he has a raspberry on it! *dies laughing*

Awww, I'm so proud of Marleau from the . . . highlights. I think we actually get two or three games with the Sharkies eventually, but I'm SICK OF WAITING!

The PA needs to appoint an Official Groin Inspector. ::nods::

Aww! :)

Somehow I think they'd have plenty of volunteers...

*giggles madly*

Don't feel bad about being older than most of your whole team...so am I now that Keaner is gone and playing in Manitoba.

Hmm, after Googling:
Honey is also a big part of the Czech Republic Christmas celebration. Mother makes a cross with honey on the forehead of each member of the family as protection against evil.

When Petra Nemcova told Conan O'Brien about this tradition though (which is where I first heard about it), she said that in their family, they would try smear honey all over each other's faces.

Maybe the Rangers=Team Czech is the reason that I am watching them more this season.

Love your icon, btw.

Excellent reason!

Thanks, lysdexia made it. It's Trevor Linden's groin btw--all the Canucks fans recognised it. *grin*

Eeek. My Hal! *covers eyes* Egod that's awful.


DAMN that looks painful.

....and your last sentence gave me a fearsome fic idea from which I am running away as quickly as possible.

There's a clip on TSN too! :D

Czechs are weird.

i'm not even going to say what came to mind at the end of your post, but it had nothing to do with their faces.

(Deleted comment)
How can an entire country be so weird and cute?!

I'm laughing at your icon. Hard.

Bwah. Marty sort of needs to stop kicking people in the groin. Seriously. It's why I was banned from sports. (Okay, not really. But I bet that if I were a hockey player, I would kick lots of people in the groin. That's why I'm not a hockey player!)

And then the team should actually gather around and hop together after wins and smear honey all over each other's faces.
....wow. There are...no words?

I'm excited by the recent abundance of opportunities for using it!!!

They are a strange people. But very pretty.

I love that it's MARTY kicking.

There's a clip on TSN about the whole thing! It includes the infamous Hitchcock "somebody's going to make him eat his lunch" comment!

I don't want to offend you just in case cause I don't know your feelings about him...

But I hope Havlat gets painful herpes and burns and itches himself to death and goes to hell. What a motherfucker.

As a person, I don't like him. I don't have any strong feelings about him, though. :P

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