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Fan fic on television

So, I was walking home, when I suddenly remembered a thought I'd had before about Nip/Tuck, which is basically the same as coming up with the thought for the first time. (I'm the person, who while reading the review of The Sixth Sense, guessed the surprise twist, forgot about it while watching the movie, and was surprised by the ending. Yeah.)

Nip/Tuck is written by fan fic writers.

It was the cutting that cemented it, but then everything fell into place! The rape of a male character, his trauma mysteriously gone after having a threesome! The anguish of the son who's been having sex with a woman who was once a man, goes to a tranny bar, beats up the pre-op he picks up for having a dick, then gets beaten up himself! The casually sexual bisexual guy!

But mostly, the cutting.

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