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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey is my drug

From How NHL can make all nights like tonight:
``Hockey is like heroin,'' Rock opined. ``It's not like a recreational drug. Only drug addicts do heroin. . . . Hockey is kind of the same way. Only hockey fans watch hockey.''

Drew and Randy asked each other last night during the third period if they moisturized their faces. Then after the game Randy declared that Kyle McLaren had "nailed" Drew a couple of times, and Drew went on to explain how well Kyle uses "the lower part of his body".

There is really nothing to add to that.

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(Deleted comment)

Didn't he wear that shirt before last season? Not combined with that tie, but that fuchsia seems to be burned indelibly into my mind...

I really forgot how much I love watching your team's broadcasts...


I managed to watch a bit of the game from last night (gotta love Centre Ice for that!) and the Sharks played quite well, I thought.

Keep an eye out on #4 Columbus, though... (Course, I could just be biased. *g*)


Aww, I like Bryan Berard. :)

*snuggles Sharks*

There was also a fun comment during the audio clips from the assistant coach, telling Cheech (I think) to "plug up his hole" that I enjoyed. That might not be the exact quoteage, but it was something like that *G*. I really do love Sharks broadcasts, best announcers in all of hockey.

*chokes* Amazingly, I missed that. That's fantastic advice there!

Aww!!! :)

I felt so sorry for Denis last night. :(

Hey, Mae! I'm Tricia and I'm a good friend of frala and redlight25 both of whom say really good things about you. I was wondering if you'd like to be my buddy?

Wow.. that was dorky. lol

Hi! Frala has said nice things about you too! :)

*giggle* Dorks have more fun! :D

*impressed that frala's even mentioned her* Wow! Yay!

That's so true!

Mmm. But it's sooo good. Those soft-drug users don't know what they're missing...? Er, or something.

Ah haha. I've totally missed hearing about that :)

our announcers rock. i need to make an icon. but i might be traumatized.

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