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There are naked hockey boys lounging around in their hotel rooms on OLN right now!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of God, turn your TVs on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Edit: joolzie's child, about the naked hockey boys: "Where are their sticks, mom?"]

[Edit 2: I am taping the naked hockey boys! Thank God for TiVo!!! Also, because I was so anxious to get the message of naked hockey boys out, I omitted a couple of cute stories.

On draft day, Burke was nervous he was going to say the wrong team's name, hahaha. The night before he had a dream where he said the wrong team at the draft and got fired and then he woke up in a cold sweat.

There is flirting with each other!!!!!!

"Those are nice shorts there."
"You like these?"

Other story, K-Lowe sees a little kid wandering in a Leafs jersey and asks him if he's a Leafs fan and he says yeah, and then he asks the kid if he knows when the Leafs last won the Cup, and the kid says no, then K-Lowe grins broadly and says "okay" and the kid wanders off, bwahahahahha.

Naked hockey boys!!!!!!!!!]
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