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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh sweet hockey

I have that tingling in my tummy again! That low-level nervousness I have the whole day when the Sharks play! I don't know if I can take it again!

Man, I don't feel like going to work today. Like I need the next few hours to put my affairs in order before the season starts, hahaha. My roommates are already prepared--they know they're not going to see me again until the season ends.

Going to record more TV show impressions before I completely forget about it.


Wow, what a ludicrous premise. Like a forensic anthropologist would ever be allowed to conduct interviews and accompany an FBI agent out into the field. Has she been watching too much CSI? I must really, really love Angel to watch this. (I do.)

Yeah, right, as if it isn't completely obvious that House has moved on to Wilson.

Gilmore Girls
I know lots of people are complaining about how this season sucks so far because they don't like Rory and Lorelai not talking, but... it's not permanent. It's not as if they can avoid each other for the rest of their lives.

It's pretty terrifying how much Emily is like my mother. Except that Emily is a lot nicer and less judgemental and prejudiced and seems to at least make the effort to get to know her kid and grandkid. ;) Oh and that she's actually rich, haha. But that scene where she frowns upon Rory helping the maid polish silver? That was soooooo my mom.

Lorelai reminds me of my oldest sister, Mylene. <3

Reminds me of X Files in the early seasons. Not as good, but still entertaining.

If I think about this show, it makes me not like it and not want to watch it. But I enjoy it while I'm watching. Fake plastic surgery is fun and they always have wacky cases.

Matt needs to go, though. He looks too much like Michael Jackson. Freakishness worked for Witchblade, but not here.


Veronica Mars
My favourite current show. Kristen Bell is amazing. She has so much charisma, and it's just so fun to watch her interact with everyone else. There was a hint that Lilly Kane hasn't left the show even though her murder's been solved, but she probably won't have as big a role (even if it was only flashbacks). Kind of a shame.

Why is Logan so fat now??? Eww.

[Edit: Hahaha I forgot Lost
I'm actually not all that fixated on the island mysteries and stuff. I'm interested in it, but I figure they'll reveal information at the appropriate times. I'm not really dying to find this out. I watch this out of loyalty to J. J. Abrams for making Felicity. :P

I appreciate that this is a very well-made show. I like that the cast is diverse but not in a "look, we have the requisite black and hispanic people, plus a couple of Koreans and even an Iraqi for super bonus PC points!!!" way, more like, these people exist. They live lives. There is nothing more or less special about them than white people.

And I loved that little bit of self-deprecation going on last season when Arzt accused them of having a special clique and cool stuff only happens to the main characters. *grin*]

Zzz... zzz... zzz... what? Swimming 60-watt bulb aliens with spiky claw thingies that.. zzz... zzz... the most interesting thing about this show is the dynamics of the complicated family structure when two people divorce, both remarry, and start new families but still have to interact with each other.

Over There
I love Dim. And his slutty, alcoholic wife who reminds me of joolzie, bwahaha! Uhh, not that she's slutty or alcoholic, it's more the looks. Lookie here! You can't see them there, but she also has big boobs. ;)

I really don't know what to think of this show. How realistic is it? How true is it to the experience of soliders in Iraq? Evaluated on its own, not knowing the facts, I really enjoy it, but if I found out that it was nothing like what really happens "over there" (heh heh) then I would feel violated!

Like I did at the end of The Perfect Storm. I felt so violated. It was all conjecture, not what really happened on that ship. Bah! It was the first time I'd ever felt like I wanted those hours of my life back and I have seen some pretty shitty movies, including practically every mindless 80s action movie starring some European beefcake with martial arts training.

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There was a hint that Lilly Kane hasn't left the show even though her murder's been solved, but she probably won't have as big a role (even if it was only flashbacks).

Nah, she's like gone. RT wouldn't want to take away from that last scene in the pool. I love how seriously uhh whatever the actress' name is took the part. She could've just been like--oh, I die before the first episode? and not done anything with the character, but Lilly was so full of life and brought so much more to the show.

I loved the fact that she "saved" Veronica.

And I love that despite the triangle this is still Veronica Mars and it's all about her, and not dumb boys.

I noticed the fatness too. I hate when I do that to actors I particularly enjoy. Like Chandler on Friends. He got fat and I went ew.

And re: Lost -- I like that their token minorities are less token, and more just hotness. God damn Jin with the hotness. And of course he only catches fish for the other hot guys. Why would we want to feed the ugly?

Wah! But there was... a little flash of ghost! *sniffle* Lilly was so awesome. Awesome enough for people to demand there be like, prequel episodes that will totally suck and would be a really bad idea but people would still want it!

And you got it right there where the show is totally about her. She holds the whole show together. It's not like everyone else is extraneous, but she's not like, letting her whole life be defined by stressing out over boys. She solves cases! She lurves her dad! #$&)@)&$*#*$

Xander and Angel got fat too. :( I don't know what's wrong with boys. They're heavier. They burn more calories. It's not that difficult to not get fat!!!

*deep breath* I love Veronica Mars. *sigh*

I don't find any of their minorities hot! Actually, I don't find anyone on that show hot. *thinks* Maybe Kate. No, not really. I think maybe it's because they've been stuck on a hot, tropical island with no showers for over a month and I think they're all gross and stinky. :P

It's the second time in my life I'd ever found a Korean hot.

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