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JS interview

I just ordered Center Ice. :D Today is like Christmas Eve! *weeps*

Lookie! Jiggy interview!

Facing Off with Mighty Ducks of Anaheim G J.S. Giguere
October 4, 2005

ANAHEIM, California (Ticker) - SportsTicker recently obstructed Mighty Ducks of Anaheim goaltender Jean-Sebastien Giguere and held him long enough to ask the following questions:

1) How did you keep busy during last year's lockout?

A lot of doing nothing, to be honest. I went to the gym three, four times a week, three times a week at the rink, then I flew back home every two weeks to go play in a caravan in Quebec to raise funds. I spent Christmas with my family, which hasn't happened in years. Then a lot of watching TV.

2) What CD would you have to have with you on a cross-country drive?

I would have my iPod now. Metallica is a must. Pearl Jam, too, is a must.

3) Which city do you look forward to visiting during a road trip?

I love to go back to Montreal. Obviously, that's where I'm from. We're going there this year, I'm really excited about that. We only go every three years now, so I'm going to enjoy every moment of it. In the States, my favorite city is definitely Chicago. It's a beautiful city. I like the restaurants, great restaurants. I like the hotels where we stay. It's just a fun place to go.

4) While playing a round of golf, what three famous people would you want to complete your foursome?

I'd love to play with Tiger Woods so I could get some good tricks. Bill Clinton, I bet he'd have some interesting stories. I played with Patrick Roy once. I don't want to play with him again, I was too stressed out.

5) Who is your all-time favorite roommate on the road?

Myself. I love to be by myself on the road.

Summary: loves Metallica (Petr's fault?); played with Roy but was too stressed out to enjoy it; prefers to play with himself.
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