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The Intel lapdance!

So I'm watching TV, and this commercial for Intel Centrino (the processor they use for laptops) comes on, and the narrator asks, "Want incredible entertainment experiences in your lap?"

... yeah.

If you like Boggle, Scrabble, Text Twist, etc, you might like Dungeon Scroll, which is, umm, basically a dungeon crawl that involves forming words from the letters you're given to defeat monsters. Shush, it's fun.


*ahem* Please pardon my hockey Tourette's.

So, thanks to having a setup where I can record two things (and watch a third) at the same time, and also download stuff using BitTorrent, I've been able to check out every show that I have a vague interest in.

Of all the new shows, nothing that I really love, not like Veronica Mars last season, but I do look forward to watching Threshold, Supernatural and Surface, in a it's-pretty-bad-but-I-want-to-see-what-happens-next kinda' way.

Seeing as I will have no time for anything but work, gym and watching hockey from Wednesday onwards *grin* I'm going to record my impressions of this season's TV shows now, by day.


Arrested Development
Back on its game. I thought toward the end of the last season, it got too reliant on inside jokes. Also, I can never get enough of the Blue Man Group stuff.

Kitchen Confidential
Pretty funny! Loving food, and having a roommate who's a chef, and also liking the lead actor because he was in Alias and Jack and Bobby, I appreciate this show a little more. It's got the fluffy feel of...

Las Vegas
Guilty pleasure. Like, it's lame and unrealistic blah blah blah, but it's fun. And generally I like seeing people get along, especially with all the girls being good friends. And there is lots of boobage. Also, it's funny to watch the cast do the white people dance during the musical guest bits.

I decided last season that I was cutting out all police procedurals. No CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, CSI: Toledo, Without a Trace, Cold Case, Numbers, etc etc because while the shows were entertaining and had fairly interesting characters, nothing was really sticking with me after each episode because they were all self-contained mysteries. There wasn't enough character development in the series and I didn't want that because that would have ruined the entertaining part of the show for me--the case.

Medium is essentially a police procedural, but it's also a show about a woman with young kids who has a job that's more demanding than her husband and that's interesting to me.

I like sea monsters.

Prison Break
I have this downloaded, but haven't watched any episodes yet. Maybe I'll wait until the end of the season and watch them all at once. Stupid premise, but Felicity had a dumb premise too, and it's one of my favourite shows, all-time.

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