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Shark Porn!

What was that sound? Oh yes, the sound of tattermuffin screaming at the sight of a half-naked Scott Parker as he shows off his tattoos on Shark Byte. *grin*

The program is also not complete until Drew does something like hug Parker from behind and say, "Believe me, Parksie, one queen is enough!"

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*giggles* Oh my god....I can only imagine Heeeee :) And when Drew does that, there better be lots and lots of video and pictures *G*

It's just stunning the kind of stuff he comes up with. And he's always going on and on about how pretty Markus is, too. :)

... you know hockey is back WHEN?

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If Mae hadn't posted about it, I was going to this morning. Because I watched it last night and saw Parker casually walking behind Drew in the locker room with his bare back to the camera and even *I* thought "Shit, Branwyn's going to have *kittens*! Look at those tats!" :)

(Deleted comment)
The other thing that had me laughing and thinking of you; in the "Finish my sentence" segment:

Drew asks, "If you were king..."

Parker says, "I'd have more than one queen?"

Right after noticing Parker, I was immediately distracted by Thorty stretching. *sigh*

Man, I wonder what his hairgel consumption rate is.

why did i miss this? *cries until she realizes she saw THE REAL THING up close* ahh...good times.

They repeat 'em a bunch! Friday at 5 PM, next Tuesday at 7 PM.

I don't know how you maintained consciousness.

i didn't talk to thorty. i COULDN'T. i really would have lost consciousness. i stood near him and that was almost enough. *fans*

I wonder how Drew handles it.

are you the one who likes parksie? because i don't want to be the one to spread rumors or anything, but that just CANNOT stay in a shirt. seriously. (not that we would want him to). and he's actually a lot handsomer in person even.

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