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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Last night was a pretty international night. A Singaporean (me) and a Russian (Alex) having dinner at an Irish restaurant served by a Czech waitress in San Francisco, hahaha.

I noticed she had some kind of East European accent, but Alex for some bizarre reason thought it was a fake Irish accent, so he asked her where she was from, and when she said the Czech Republic, I was kind of overcome, cos' Alex and I had just been talking about the Czech team and the World Championships and their hopping and other weird behaviour.

So I got all excited and asked her what city was from, and she said she was from Prague and she was smiling and I smiled back at her and... I had nothing. Seriously, pretty women turn me into the loser schmuck from romantic comedies. I don't even know why. But she was pretty, blue eyes, dark hair, nice smile, and very cute mannerisms.

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fake irish? *cracks up* heee

Normal conversations turn me into that schmuck.

I think I was stunned that Czech people actually exist in real life and not just on TV and in magazines. ;)

Ohhh, the accents when I was in Prague turned me into a complete total goooey mess. So fucking gorgeous. And how are they so pretty?

I KNOW! How can almost an entire country be like that??? Man.

Yes! It's ridiculous hoe pretty they are. And before I went there, I figured I was just lucky to be seeing the prettiest Czechs.. but being there, no, anytime I saw someone not very pretty, they turned out to be English, or French, or German, or just not Czech!

*so wants some pretty Czech genes*

LOL! Yes, some scientist needs to study them to isolate the pretty genes.

Oh, how pretty (and gorgeously dorky) would the world be if they managed to isolate the pretty (dorky) Czech genes!

It would bring about world peace!

Haa, it so might as well!

Well at least it'd mean much prettiness, so completely worth it!

if she really liked you she would have brought you a free dessert :)

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