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The Invincible M.A.E.

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O captain, my captain!

*shrieks* Received hockey DVD porn from greatkate. *tacklehugs* Oh man oh man oh man, barely legal Giguere in suspenders and barely legal Sykora who had already adopted his "unique" accent, and Natuzzison love, with Bert forcing Nazzy to speak Swedish and calling Mo a putz and and and...

And drafted Patty who makes me weep with pride for the captain he would become. Literally. Wiped tears from my eyes. I know not how much I love him.

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old hockey tapes might like actually be the best thing ever

They should be passed on like family heirlooms.

they really really really should!!!

The hockey porn sounds lovely! I am so glad that Bert is back and love that he is so abusive (in a loving way) to poor Mo.

The grumpiness and insults are love! Love!!!

okay, you know how much you need to make a copy of that to give to me? it's a lot.

dude. i told my mom we'd re-signed patty and sturmy and stuey, and we started talking about when they gave patty the 'c' and how everyone said he should keep it, and i just started crying like a little girl.

Re: bursting with pride

*grin* I can copy it to video and give it to you on Saturday.

I was so relieved when the boys got signed yesterday. Dude, did you know that Marco's birthday is a week before Patty's? He's a year older, though.

I released her in horror at the sight of your icon.

N'aw I like that icon. It doesn't even look like a human being. He's cool.

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