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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So I'm watching Sharks/Preds and the commentators were talking about Scott Hannan for some reason or other, and one of them talks about how cool he looks off-ice, and the other goes, "For me the coolest guy is Scott Thornton" and then they both decide that Scott Thornton is the man they both would like to be in their next life. They add that he is in "unbelievable physical condition".


Speaking of Thorty, when is he fucking coming back? *cries*

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*DIES* Scott rocks!!!

*sends him good thoughts*

Scotty is the coolest hockey guy ever. And *cries* why did you remind me? I could forget and pretend that he was playing..

He so is!!! And I saw him in that 2000 SCF Stars/Devils game today and he was so fucking intense (even when he was on the bench talking to Hully) and he kept humping Brodeur, and ... ahh!!! I want him back!

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