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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sleep, beautiful sleep

I slept ten hours last night - I feel great!!!

I also got a really awesome email from my sister, who just visited me last week. I hadn't seen her for five years, so it was very exciting! *hop* Anyway, she told me it was a good thing that I decided to stay in the US and that things wouldn't have worked out for me if I'd gone back home. Doesn't sound like a big deal but reading that just about made me cry. I've always known it was the right decision to make, but hearing it from her is a big deal. It was kind of a complicated situation, and the way my family made me feel at the time was like I was making the hugest mistake of my life by staying, that I was being stupid and spoiled, that I should have just given in. So to have her acknowledging that I did the right thing is really significant, not in a "Ha, I told you so!" way, but in a "She's changed the way she sees me" kind of way.

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good for you mae, that was a big decision to make and its nice to hear someone close to you validate it liek that even though you already ahve yourself :)

Awwww... *hugs* I'm glad you stayed, because if you hadn't stayed, you wouldn't be here and talking to us. And the validation from home is nice. You *did* do the right thing.

*hugs* I am so happy to have met all of you. :) I hope tomorrow is a good day for you to make up for today.

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