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Moon, IAT

I am caught up on LJ! I was so far behind that I'd work to take breaks from catching up, har har!

So, check this out: Moon then zoom in all the way. Teehee!

I'm reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell right now, and there's this very interesting bit about unconscious bias. Go here and take the Race IAT.

The book tries to explain why most Americans, even if they aren't racist, end up with a result for the Race IAT that indicates an automatic preference for white over black. This is true for half of black people and was true of the author himself, who is half-black. The theory is that people are generally presented with negative stereotypes of black people, so even though you know rationally that not all black people are like, there's an unconscious association.

There was a guy who took the Race IAT pretty often and always got the result of automatic preference of white over black except for once. He couldn't figure out what had caused the change, until he realized that he'd just spent the morning watching the Olympics.

Anyway, it's a pretty cool book that explores quick, unconscious, decision-making.

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