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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Slash has universal appeal

From the Nip/Tuck DVD extra, show creator: "I wanted this to be a love story between two heterosexual men..."
From the Miracle DVD extra, director: "I think all the guys fell in love with each other, just like the Miracle team back in 1980 did..."

I've recently discovered the books co-written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I'd put them (Brimstone and Relic, anyway) in the sci-fi/thriller/mystery category.

You may remember a pretty awful movie from about 8 years ago called The Relic which is very loosely based on the book Relic. Hmm, is that why they changed the name? Because it's really more "loosely inspired by" than "based on". :P Yet they lifted jokes from the books word for word in certain scenes of the movie. Har har!

Anyway, my favourite thing about the books is Special Agent Pendergast, who's this deathly pale, Southern, cultured, refined, literate, intelligent gentleman with a mysterious family history and a taste for, umm, unusual cases. I'm a sucker for eccentric detective types.

Oh, there's this funny section on the authors' website where they post scathing reviews, and their responses:

"I decided that I would have to finish this book, even though I knew at about the half-way point, I would have to dispose of it so that at least there would be one fewer copy on the face of the earth...The science is so weak as to be embarassing. More than embarassing, absolute garbage, even taking into account poetic license. To anyone who believes that this is a quality novel, or anything beyond toilet paper, all I can say is 'There are good scientific thrillers out there, these authors couldn't write one, even if they were copying one word-for-word.' "

Disgruntled amazon.com reader # 1

Douglas Preston says: "Not good science? Why, before writing RELIC, we did extensive scientific research on the worldwide problem of brain-eating monsters infesting museums. What more could you want?"

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bwhahahaha. Well yes really.

If I can buy the cute girl falling in love with the schlubby guy, I can buy flesh eating monsters.

Dude, those "look beyond the surface" movies are always about unattractive guys. How about unattractive girls? And Janeane Garofalo is not unattractive.

but she has glasses ohmigosh gross! ;P

do you love willem dafoe in boondocks saints then? :D

I still have not watched that!!!

I adore Agent Pendergast. My sis and I wrote fanfic when the novel Relic was new, anyway we wrote Agent Pendergast/Agent Mulder slash, giving Pendergast a hot female sidekick, Agent Valmont who Scully could get it on with. *facepalm*

*dies laughing* Oh man, Pendergast/Mulder = deadpan slash.

Did you read the sequel Reliquary? Hayward could be the hot female sidekick.

Heee yeah I read that one years ago when it was a hard back. My sister and I had this backstory though with Pendergast and the OC female character that they were actually government type clones meant to be perfect investigators but the problem was their metabolisms and sex drives were too fast. So we brought in Micheal and Nikita from the television series "La Femme NIkita" as the actual perfect government creations which made Pendergast and Valmont insecure and edgy, during this time Mulder and Scully fell back in love wiht each other and had a baby which got kidnapped by aliens...to create dramatic tension of course! *facepalm*

My God, that is fantastic stuff. Sounds like it would have been really popular in the alt.sex.stories newsgroup. :P

Hahaha what is that group? OMG it gets worse! We also threw in all the characters from Highlander, Kim Newman's Anno Dracula, Hammer films Dracula, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, and even evil people from ancient myth and history. Oh yeah, Seth Green, Famke Janssen, and Gary Oldman appeared as their characters from Ausin Powers, Goldeneye, and Air Force One and believe it or not Gary and Famke were married and Seth was their idiot son....

There must have been crack in our water.

It's basically a group for posting smut, but I think that everyone got bored of writing about just regular sex, so everything was incest, bestiality, women getting shrunk, alien abductions, etc. Sometimes all in the same story.

Dude, Holmes and Watson are sogay.

Haha ever see "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes"? Holmes has London believing he and Watson are gay so he doesn't have to be compelled to knock up the prima ballerina for the Russian dance troupe. XD Holmes fans hate that movie but I adore it.

*cackles* That so does not sound like it was based on any of the books. :P But I read this book on homosexuals in the 19th century, and apparently Holmes was gay, if you read the book knowing the conventions of the time.

*nods* I haven't read that book but I've been a devoted Holmes reader since I was tiny and Holmes' drug addiction, his dark moods, his clinginess to Watson, his jealousy of Watson's marriages, his distrust of women, seem to me like a gay man in the closet and resentful of it. (In the actual canon, Watson once found Holmes in an opium den and was horrified, Holmes pretended he was on a case undercover and I was all suuuure). Anyway the only woman Doyle had Holmes fall in love with was an opera singer....helloooo gay guy lovin' on female diva fetish AHOY!

OMG I'm caffeinated!

Dude, your analysis is dead on and I think Watson's wife gets sick and dies? Something or other end result is she's never heard of again.

I lurve how House and Wilson are modeled on them. :D

Watson's first wife dies of sickness and then he remarries causing Holmes much irritation. XD

I've only seen one episode of House! Mr Palmer! Mr Palmer!!!!

You would love House. Unless the hospital sickness etc stuff upsets you.

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