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Slash has universal appeal

From the Nip/Tuck DVD extra, show creator: "I wanted this to be a love story between two heterosexual men..."
From the Miracle DVD extra, director: "I think all the guys fell in love with each other, just like the Miracle team back in 1980 did..."

I've recently discovered the books co-written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I'd put them (Brimstone and Relic, anyway) in the sci-fi/thriller/mystery category.

You may remember a pretty awful movie from about 8 years ago called The Relic which is very loosely based on the book Relic. Hmm, is that why they changed the name? Because it's really more "loosely inspired by" than "based on". :P Yet they lifted jokes from the books word for word in certain scenes of the movie. Har har!

Anyway, my favourite thing about the books is Special Agent Pendergast, who's this deathly pale, Southern, cultured, refined, literate, intelligent gentleman with a mysterious family history and a taste for, umm, unusual cases. I'm a sucker for eccentric detective types.

Oh, there's this funny section on the authors' website where they post scathing reviews, and their responses:

"I decided that I would have to finish this book, even though I knew at about the half-way point, I would have to dispose of it so that at least there would be one fewer copy on the face of the earth...The science is so weak as to be embarassing. More than embarassing, absolute garbage, even taking into account poetic license. To anyone who believes that this is a quality novel, or anything beyond toilet paper, all I can say is 'There are good scientific thrillers out there, these authors couldn't write one, even if they were copying one word-for-word.' "

Disgruntled reader # 1

Douglas Preston says: "Not good science? Why, before writing RELIC, we did extensive scientific research on the worldwide problem of brain-eating monsters infesting museums. What more could you want?"
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