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To the Americans, hope you had a good Independence Day.

My roomies and I went and stood on the roof of our apartment building (which is against the rules--ooh, we're such rebels!) to watch the fireworks, which were going on about a mile away, so we got a great view of everything. Smiley face fireworks! I'll have to say, I really appreciated watching with my roomie because she was just as amused as I was by them and we were like little kids and giggling and laughing.

Watched The Incredibles and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events this weekend, having finally figured out the most auspicious and harmonious method of hooking up my roomie's DVD player to my television. Both movies were worth watching, but I think Lemony Snicket would have been much better without Jim Carrey in it. They did an excellent job with the sets, costumes, music, etc, and while he didn't ruin the movie, he definitely took it down a notch.
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