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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Went with Alex and his gf to watch the Mountain Play today. This year's production was Oklahoma! which I enjoyed a lot. It was funny, and the set was really nice. Because the play's performed outdoors, they were able to build an authentic-looking small house and barn, and there were actual horsies! And chickens!

After the play, we hiked 6 miles down the mountain, which is the only exercise I've gotten (aside from walking to and from work) in like three months. I am now pleasantly tired and kinda' sleepy. *stretches and sprawls*

Watched Batman Begins on Friday and I enjoyed it. I liked the whole theme of fear thing, and the bats' blurring effects were well-done. Tough to take Katie Holmes seriously in her role, though. Kept feeling like she was going to crawl up a ladder to Dawson's room.

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Kept feeling like she was going to crawl up a ladder to Dawson's room.

Haha, yes! One minute she's all fired up about justice, and the next she's climbing up to Bruce's window. ;)

It also seems kind of silly that someone like her would have made it anywhere in a city as corrupt as that, but I suppose it's supposed to be the superhero comic, where everyone's an archetype.

It kills me that you call them horsies.

I want to see that movie so badly but I like.. cannot take Katie Holmes seriously.

Alex and I were able to block her out, so you should be able to handle it.

Oklahoma with real horsies? I am so jealous!

It was awesome! At one point they had a couple of horses pull in a carriage with the entire cast crammed in and hanging off of it.

That's the way Oklahoma should BE ... with real horsies and no rednecks! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

horsies scare me more than bruce and his bats.

yeah a nights sleep has left me feeling kinder toward that movie, but can you say 'tacked on character' with the Katie part? I mean she served very little useful purpose, and everytime she came on screen the air kind of went out of things. Not her fault, she was just a criminally under written character.

I didn't find the bats scary but I appreciated that he did. :P

Alex and I were kind of giggling at her long speech at the end about how she didn't love the man who returned blah blah blah, and there were audible "HUH?"s when she's like... but that's why I can't be with you!

I think they were trying to do her makeup and hair to make her seem idealistic, but they ended up with kiddy. She's been in other roles (I'm thinking of "The Gift" and "Go") where she's been able to escape the kiddy thing, though.

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