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Lira graduates! And there's a pirate party.

Forgive me, LJ, for I have slacked. It has been over a month since my last update.

But I do have to post, because I went to Lira's graduation on Saturday and I want to remember that. I am tearfully proud of her. She looked lovely, as always, and I really did tear up, not during the ceremony, but afterwards when she was making her way to us. She's all growed up now! *weeps*

I also went to meet some fellow pirates during the weekend! There are pictures on each page of this thread.

My main motivation for going was to meet Rexelita, and the only other people I knew there were Jacktheblack and Robertdonald, and I didn't even know those two all that well, and I knew I was going to be there lateish so I was kind of worried that everyone would have formed little cliques and I would be a little wallflower, but everyone was actually very friendly and I made a few new hearties who I have since pillaged with! :D

We were in Berkeley on Saturday, and in Vacaville on Sunday and Monday. We played Mario Party, Monopoly, watched Mr and Mrs. Smith (entertaining!) but mostly hung out and talked. There are other things not really suitable for a public post that I will write about soon, before they slip my mind. ;)
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