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Petr Sykora Interview

Crazy awesome interview translated by joolzie!!! *tacklehugsmooch* I can barely type!!! There's dogs, and women, and hair, and Patrik Elias and and and *explodes*

Hockey forward Petr Sykora has the reputation of a
seducer and a crazy youth, who behind the steering
wheel doesn't know the speed limit. He himself however
says, now he is calmer. In a chat with today's Pravo,
he tells furthermore about his season in Russia with
Magnitogorsk, love of his doberman and ambitions for
the World Championship.

In the first game against Switzerland, you're firing
at the goal maybe ten times, despite this, you didn't
see a goal.

-- That's life, sometimes a guy has two shots and gets
two goals, another time you have an eight pack and
nothing comes of it. Swiss goalie was good and lucky,
however you won't change your style because of that.

Apparently waiting for new hockey stick...

-- Believe me, it isn't that. Waiting for the shipment
of a new blade, however with these, what I have now, I
am happy.

So are you nervous with zero production so far?

-- No, no, I have gone through these phases in the
NHL, and also in Russia, where I am 5 games without a
goal, and afterwards I'm hitting it four times in a
row. Wait for the first and then afterwards it breaks

What can you do to get the first?

-- Diddly squat. When I was younger, I constantly
thought about it, practically I am sleepless. Nowadays
I know, I am able to be calm. When I'm playing with
the kind of players that are here, that something will
surely come along.

You think, because of problems with the organization
of the championship and constant shifts, they can
scatter the team?

-- That is the one. We have here a large group, which
is to me cool beans. In Russia, I was terribly
disappointed, because one was refraining from joking
among the guys. I live oppositely. Will come in the
morning cold and immediately chat with the boys. For
me here, that is a balm.

What were the positives of your season with

-- After the season in Russia, I have to get used to
everything. And my dad said to me, that is good,
because I endured a whole year and return in the
middle of the season. I could have gone to Switzerland
and had peace. I have an offer to Russia for next
year. It's excellent, however I grew up in the NHL and
I want to be there. This season was awfully long. When
it finishes, I will fly for a month to California, and
rest there. Afterwards, I deal with hockey things.
However if there is no NHL, I will endure another year
in Russia.

Who has your dobermans while you are at the

-- Certainly at my father's home. Four times daily I
call. Ask how it's going. As soon as Vienna ends, I'll
be devoted to them.

After your return from Magnitogorsk, how did you use
your time?

-- Coach Ruzicka gave me a call, I'm not needed for
assembly in Karlovy Vary, and for ten days I was with
them every day. Moreover there was beautiful weather.
At our house the gardens for Mates and Bibi are
terribly good. Hunt lizards, mice. Fierce if they run
away. Really pleased to have the summer with them.

Will you train them somehow?

-- For two years, what I have, my father consummately
teaches. Never have a problem with them. They are
excellently cared for. Don't need to worry about them.

Why did you choose doberman, a lot of people are
afraid of that breed.

-- If a person doesn't have the time to devote, they
are like a weapon, however when you give them love and
time, they are the best dogs, is what they can be.
They are awesome pets, however towards strangers they
have distrust. Doberman was my dream. I waited, until
with the NHL I had a bigger contract and I was able to
buy a house, so they could run. When I was sent to
Anaheim, I didn't hesitate and immediately procured

What happened with you that you have to defend?

-- In America, my mailman is meddlesome in the garden
and Mates jumped through the cage door and nicely
herded him.

You think sometimes he would stand up to even you?

-- Ask us, because a guy has to after about a year,
when is my home, manifests, who is master, however
Mates respects me from the first time. After training,
given by my dad, certainly nothing is unschooled. Bibi
is altogether something else. That is (a bed dog?).
When we arrive to a restaurant, one immediately pets.

Frequently you have to leave them...

-- Whenever I go away, that they both feel.
Noncomprehending that. Outside stalking like wolves.
Fortunately I live alone, reclusively near trees and
don't have neighbors.

Did they get accustomed to severely new environment?

-- Two years tehy flew with me to America and back
without problems. Waiting for them is awful.

It seems that, when you ferry them by car, that they
have a special place?

-- I wouldn't say that, however Mates sits in my lap
and Bibi sits next to me.

What did you ride in Russia?

-- There within the club there were four NHL players
and had together a junker Daewoo that they shared.
There is one, used to drive, when it is minus 30
degrees outside. Mainly because we are moving.

You have a favorite car?

-- I am a fan of Ferrari. Big fan of Schumimu
(Schumacher?). I like, how this brand after last year
went up. My Ferrari simply sits, it has history. In
addition to that, cars are seriously attractive.

You have any speed record?

-- I don't know, why I have a leadfoot image, that is
crazy on the freeway. Certainly I have tried, how much
for instance a corvette manages, and I extracted from
that upwards of 320. However immediately I sweated and

Do you plan to get more animals?

-- No. Right now, that pursuit is done. It suffices,
because my dad has four other dogs.

Your dad can't see you on the ice a lot, does it pull
up great motivation, when he can only follow on

-- I wanted to play in Vienna, so that my father could
see. Doesn't matter, how many goals, but I wish for a

You have with national guys reputation of being the
biggest seducer. Does the dog give an advantage or is
it necessary toward establishing contact?

-- When Mates and Bibi were tiny, when we were on
California beaches sometimes girld would come, in
order to immediately ask, what are their names. There
it helped.

Are there big differences in how to approach
Americans, Czechs and Russians?

-- Um, that maybe about myself cannot want... The more
you're east, it is easier.

Is that for everyone or just for you?

-- I'm not in a position to know, and I would prefer
not to comment.

Among hockey players, you have a bold image. Dyeing
for instance your hair, do you have some kind of

-- Rather it is a stamp of one's own way. A lot of
people say to me, that I have hair like Beckham.
However I have always liked longer hair, and when in
hockey it sometimes interferes. Now I'm coming on
thirty and it's starting to grey.

Do you like how Beckham sparked popularity and
propagated fashions and established among sportsmen
new trends?

-- Wholly yes, however forever I like him first and
foremost as a football player.

Do you maybe sometimes go to fashion shows?

-- No, that is more likely an affair for Patrik Elias.
I have two brands, that I like to wear, however I
will buy others, if I like them. When we were together
in New Jersey, we had an agreement with Hugo Boss.
That means we wear their things, and in addition I
have big discounts.

What have you purchased in Magnitogorsk?

-- More likely in Moscow we are making purchases.
Prices there are however a far greater than in New
York or Los Angeles. In Magnitogorsk I am all year in
a track suit and tried with the others to bundle up.
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