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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So on Friday night, a night that ended with us up against the wall (I am third ass on the left, Tessa is the second one, Chip is next to me and looks like he's about to turn into a werewolf), Alex was trying to pick out what to wear, and Tessa was unhappy with his selections, but couldn't help him out cos' she was putting makeup on.

Chip helped out and gave advice, but Alex kept ignoring him, so finally he said, "Take my advice--I'm almost gay!"

I have ordered a lovely rainbow outfit for my other pirate in the game. Shopping in-game is more fun than RL.

Also, my roomie bought me a Lego pirate ship as a belated birthday present. *loves*

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that link says its hoting outside or something

rainbow! :) for real?

Mhhmm I can't see it either. :(

Pasting it into the URL text field?

You and and Tessa look like two hot mamas.

All the drunken men loitering outside the strip clubs thought so too!

Strangely enough, all its facial hair is green.

lookin' good! you been working out? *leers*

Not recently, but I want to start up again! *winks*

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