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Up against the wall!

Ugh, so doooooooown right now. But aftermath of a fun night, so s'okay.

One of Tessa's friends was celebrating his birthday at a bar/club and I went along. The place was actually very nice! And the back part of there was a king-sized bed in the middle of the room which I thought was fun. Haven't been dancing in the longest time and I'd forgotten how fun it was. Or maybe I just enjoy it more now.

I actually did some stage dancing for a while, which is something I definitely would not have done a couple of years ago. I made friends with Michelle, who was also up there. ;) There were no boys to chase. Boo.

I had a lemon drop, the only drink I had all night, drank it over a long time... and still almost threw up. >.< I was standing in the restroom, and umm, I kind of went half-blind. Like, you know how sometimes if you feel a little faint and your vision gets static-y? Half my vision was like that. But I felt better and didn't throw up, which is a good thing, because...

The birthday boy, who had three Long Island iced teas and some more stuff, threw up in the bathroom and got thrown out of the club. Urgh. So everyone left the club and milled around outside trying to figure out what to do next. Then the bouncer came and kept annoying us and telling us not to block the sidewalk or the cops would arrest us for loitering. Over and over again. And he told us to go against the wall, and we started screaming, "up against the wall!" and all turned around and placed our hands against the wall like we were being arrested. Which of course prompted someone to walk by the line, grabbing everyone's ass. *grin*

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