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Hockey the Gathering

Thank you very much to lysdexia, frala, solookup, certainthings, annapeace, robi0688, tamiflu, swar, littlestclouds, arami, biorhythm, abby20, lastcatastrophe, vivelegardien, flanneryflyer, early_afternoon, rappelezmoi, ctr022501,agentirish, amyvand25, gimmeapuck and dazedpuckbunny for your birthday wishes! :D

Happy birthday, Cassidy! And happy belated birthday, Alex. :)

It was a very nice, laidback birthday with lots of good food. :D My roomies made me brunch *sniffle* And I went to House of Prime Rib with Chip, Alex and Tessa. Mmm... good food makes me happy. Eating is my hobby and I say this quite seriously as eating is Singapore's national pasttime. :P

While searching for pictures of Whore (because I can't remember what he looks like because there's been no hockey for so long *wails* no, actually, I just wanted to see pictures of him) I found a website that made Magic the Gathering cards of hockey players. The Sens, Avs, Canucks, Wings and Stars represent the five colours. I haven't read them all yet, but the following are probably of interest to y'all:

They're a matched pair.

That quote is just so him.


WTF "Priest of Titania"???

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