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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The gift of Patrik Elias

Translated by joolzie. *tackles*

Veteran hockey forward joins preparations for WC

Sykora already disappointed, thinks of Vienna

Frustration from World Cup, and teh fresh elimination
of Magnitogorsk in the first round of playoffs in the
Russian League, have come across Czech hockey player
Petr Sykora. Now he will turn attention to action with
a place on the national team for the upcoming world
championship. "It's a challenge. I want to show that I
can be a useful player,"

Today he hooks up in Kravare with guys from the
national team getting ready for world championship in

(something like) it's not the best year the 28 year
old forward can remember. World Cup, prestigigious
meeting of the best players on the planet for
international glory, spent mostly in non-action.
Anaheim forward will have to perform to win back a
place in the ranks under coach Vladimir Ruzicka.

"It's already far away. Certainly at that time I was a
bit emotional, however now I have forgotten it. I am
glad, that I got invited, and I'll want to convince
the coaches, that of this I have," said Sykora.

For all of this season, he disappeared off into the
rich RSL. (blah, blah, they lost to Omsk)

"He was simply famous and proved it, that he is still
the best hockey player in the world," Sykora with
unspared admiration. "Jagr has done for Czech hockey
in Russia fabulous advertisement. Was an error, in the
beginning we were not really watching him a lot,
however that doesn't in any way take away from his
performances. Excellent player, pushing through the
Russian league isn't easy, and he commanded it," he
appraised Jagr's crafts.

Sykora didn't give in to gloominess. Although his team
didn't take a place in the sun, on his own the forward
endured Russia all year. First stars from the NHL said
their goodbyes already a couple of weeks ago.
"Personally, I was reasonably content, when you
dismiss that quarterfinal failure," contends Sykora.

Admits however, that his fantasies of Russia clashed
with hard reality. "This has been more difficult, than
I have waited. Flying, hotels, assemblies, not at all
the conditions around hockey. And the russian league
is a really tough competition," he stresses.

At least he was around some countrymen. Blah blah,
Marek Sykora, and then after hte new year Sykora was
given the gift of the presence of buddy Patrik Elais.

The two were inseparable once again together, until
Sykora's friend came down with hepatitis. "We
flourished together, and in the playoffs, a great deal
was missing. With him we would have defeated Omsk,"
Sykora doesn't doubt. Elias however was taken out of
games with the sneaky ailment. "Got that like one from
(?), actually to this day he doesn't know how,"

Sykora's Russian mission needn't end. (they like him,
he played well). "If the NHL doesn't start in the
fall, probably I would return to Magnitogorsk.
Management was happy with me," player says (could also
be he was happy with management)

That thought is far away though. After early
elimination, he spent two weeks at home in Plzen
resting. "I was at home, with dad and with psy (?
maybe thoughts?). Living loose and relxing, strong for
national team. For vacation I will set off after
championship, that will be enough time," ends Sykora.

The gift. He loves Patty so much. And I get so weepy thinking about that interview with Petr after he got traded to Anaheim and he said that he believed that they would play together again one day. *sigh*

Guess which country I'm supporting in the World Championships. ;)

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Weird... I searched it on yahoo, and only hockeyrodent.com had the story up, and then only as a rumor. *shrugs, pets him*

Yeah, it's the least serious one, I believe.

the love!!!! ;)

haha guess which one I am :P

Hah, if I'd known you were going to post it, I'd've fixed my typos! *shakes fist*

Sorry! Who asked you to go outside anyway? Don't you know that you might melt in the sun?

I'm not sure who it was, but they kept saying, "Mom, go outside? Mom, go outside now? Mom, play on the slide? Mom, go outside? Mom, it's a beautiful day! Go outside now? Play on the slide? Go outside now? Big hand is on the six, go outside now? Can we go outside now? Mom, I want to count tulips! Look, contrails! Go outside now? Mom, kick the ball? Outside?"

"It's a beautiful day"? "I want to count tulips"? What kind of freakish child do you have?

A sleeping one.

I guess you could say she doesn't get out much or something. Counting tulips is exciting!

Hey, counting tulips is pretty exciting, when you compare it to a lot of other things. Going to the dentist, say.

Lola is very very pretty, and she has very pretty hair. I'm jealous.

Yeah, she's kinda cute for someone POSSESSED. But that doesn't show up so much when she's sleeping.

Ahh, she's so big now! And passed out already.

Counting tulips is such a weird, idyllic thing to do though!

Man, she was towering over this 4 year old at the park. I sort of worry about her because she looks older than she is, but still acts like a 3 year old -- which is to say, a complete savage. :P

Counting tulips is kinda my fault. I planted 50 of them kind of late last fall, and I've been concerned as to how many made it. I think we're up to 34 now though, so it was fairly successful whether any more pop up or not.

Well that makes more sense then. I was worried you had some strange child who was like, in love with nature or something.

Nah, she's just generally strange. :P

Damn, no one gives *me* gifts like that.

I will root for Pattyland.

I could send you a vertically striped shirt but I guess it just wouldn't be the same.

We flourished together..

So sweet! I miss seeing them. Go Czech!

They're just this perfect little odd couple. :D

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