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Screw daylight savings

So, raise your hands if this happened to you this morning:

You woke up feeling tired and needing more sleep, but you checked the time and thought, "man! I've had enough sleep!" and got out of bed, not realizing that you actually got one hour less of sleep than you thought you did.

*raises hand*

Anyway, because of my foot hurting every time I put pressure on it, I stopped walking to and from work (1.5 miles each way), stopped going to the gym and buying groceries (because I walk there too). Thus, I have been sitting on my ass and eating out/ordering in for the past two weeks. I call this the Muscular Atrophy Weight Loss Plan (MAWLP ™) and this time I wasted three pounds away.

But I did get to the gym today and had a great workout! And bought some yummy tandoori bread and creamy garlic cucumber dip (very much like raita, actually!) for lunch that really hit the spot. :D

Yesterday there was a beer and oyster festival at the park near my place. There were ridiculous numbers of people there because it was sunny (but cold, because it was windy :P) and there was loud music and tons of beer, and loads of raw oysters. Kind of inappropriate because all this was taking place next to a Catholic church the day after the Pope died, but this is kind of a special church anyway, with a 666 street address and Jesus covered in long, thin metal spikes.

I tried raw oysters for the first time and I really liked them! Especially with a dash of tabasco. Mmm...

Back to pirating. Yar!
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