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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Too much human contact

Went to my friend's bridal shower yesterday, delirious from lack of sleep. Lack of coordination shamefully exposed during simple bridal shower games. We went to this place called "Vintage Pear Tea Parlour" in Morgan Hill, which is about halfway between San Jose and Gilroy. Really lovely place! All kind of pretty Victorianish decorations and stuff, and the tea itself was yummy with scones, finger sandwiches cookies, enormous chocolate-dipped strawberries and brown betty.

We went shopping at the Gilroy outlets after the tea and I bought shoes!

Must do 30 pounds (no kidding) of laundry now.

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c-yooote shoes!

30 pounds? so like.... 5 pairs of jeans and 8 towels? ;) i just knocked back 30 pounds myself last night. *sigh* there's still half of it sitting in the front seat of my car, needing to be taken upstairs. *meep*


I don't know. Probably more, actually. I know it requires much stumbling and gimping around. (I walk to the laundromat.)

i could walk to the laundromat, but why inflict that on myself? ;) luckily i have friends who own washers *dreams* and they're so nice to let me wash my dirties there ;)

Those shoes are adorable! XD

And, eep. Laundry.

Thank you! And sooooo comfortable. :)

They aren't piratey enough.

pretty shoes, they look noce and comfy too :)

They are super comfy!!! The brand is technically "Indigo" but it's made by Clarks. :)

Cute shoes! I'd love a pair in black too. :D

I like those shoes. I threw out half my wardorbe and didn't account for the over flowing laundry. If I had to walk to a launreymat I'd move. A selling point of this place is the laundry room :)

Thank you! I haven't bought any "fun" shoes since these green velvet boots I bought when I was 15. Plus these are suuuuuuuper comfortable, they're a brand made by Clarks. :)

The laundromat is only about a block and a half away though, and I'm pretty strong now after hitting the gym *flexes* We've also got these triple washers, so I have to do laundry less often so I don't mind. :)

BTW, I wanted to thank you again for the necklace and T-shirt!!! :D I'm not a necklace wearing person and I like it so much that I wear it almost every day. Is it jade? I've gotten so many compliments on it. :)

Those shoes are so cute! :D And boo laundry. I have to do laundry too, if I can ever get the girls in the apartment next door to stop using the machines long enough for me to do it. But not complaining, because I have to walk a grand total of six feet to use the laundry machines, and they're not coin operated either, yay!

And bridal showers sound fun. :) My sister's getting married this summer, so I'll probably have one inflicted on me at some point. ;)

Thank you!

It was a very fun bridal shower! :D I'm not sure how big they are usually, but there were only 7 of us, so it was very cosy and intimate, especially in the little room in the tea parlour. :)

Those are so cute! And they make you tall too! Now you'll come up to my shoulders :p


*runs away*

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