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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I'm not dead, I feel fine

Happy birthday, Robyn!!! Just one more year and you'll be legal in the US. Eep! Then I'll have to replace you.

I have enough sleep these days, thanks to valerian! It helps me go back to sleep if I wake up a couple of hours before I "should". So I am well-rested but dazed. Potent little herb.

Also, I tend to dream when I take valerian. Apparently it makes dreams more vivid but it's not really possible for my dreams to be any more vivid than they normally are. I got to meet old school (i.e. long-haired) Jon Bon Jovi though! I got him to sign my T-shirt. He also gave me a sharpie moustache. How sweet. I dreamed I hung out with Flannery and Maria, who for some reason, was about 6 feet tall. They were very sweet and smiley.

It seems like every TV show I watch has some tiny reference to hockey. It makes my heart ache. And what really got to me was when I watched "Numbers" from 2 weeks ago and they kept pimping this story on the news about how there was a last-minute plan to save the season (*ache* *ache*) and to make it worse they showed footage of the Shark from three years ago. Owen was still here and so was Sunny. That made me weepy. Jon Jakopin was still around too, but he doesn't make me weepy.

I finally watched "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" and loved it. Of course. :P

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Eee thank you!

but *cries a lot* *goes peter pan on you*

You'll always be baby!porn-writing!Robyn to me!!! *cuddles*

At least someone else likes the underage girls.

Hey! The actress is completely legal. :p

How old is Gogo? I can't remember.

Well, the character was 17. :P

Gosh. Our age of consent is 14. But I think I heard awhile ago that they were thinking of upping it.

It's one of those things that's tough cos' it's up to the individual. There are 14-year-olds who are more ready than 19-year-olds, blah blah.

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