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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Travel the world and the seven seas

I am exactly a week behind on LJ. *twitches*

But you know, how often do you find a carrot that looks like a dick? I had to share. :D And yes, I ate it after that. ;)

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hahahahaahahaha that's good shit.

The other side looked authentic too, hahaha.

Hahaha... You must have got them from San Fran. ;)

omg that is the kind of thing you want to put on your male room mates plate and then take a picture of his reaction.

They'd probably just eat it anyway... which makes you wonder. ;)

Ha.. that's funny, I hope you were gently.


And yummy Markus icon!!! *loves*

You can buy portraits in the game and they automatically generate them based on what your pirate looks like and what it's wearing, and you can choose the background and "props" for it. :)

Here's the original.

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