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Would you like some... pepperoni?

So I got a cute pizza delivery guy on Saturday night. I felt like I was in a porn movie or something. He also had a foreign accent and was very friendly and smiley. He did not, however, offer "pepperoni".

My days are so slow and lazy. I think it's because I don't have a fixed schedule of any kind. I can go to work any time I want, or not go in at all, and leave anytime I want. (Not complaining about that, I like that. *grin*) But then what happens is I just bum around at home for a couple of hours after I wake up and read LJ, watch TV, play Puzzle Pirates, etc etc. and then I just kind of muddle my way through the day.

I think I can be more productive (as in, do more stuff, not actually do anything worthwhile, ha!) if I set some kind of schedule for myself, and it will help especially with working out since I tend to just skip days if I don't feel like it. I haven't worked out for over a week, I think. I have to work out! Cos' otherwise I don't go to the gym and therefore don't go to the supermarket and then I starve, I starve! *puts back of hand to forehead dramatically*

Or end up ordering pizza.
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