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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Upgrade complete

Upgraded my computer yesterday to an Athlon 64 3000+. I was sort of "forced" to upgrade cos' my computer had been having overheating problems ever since I added the Radeon 9800 Pro where it would occasionally spontaneously reboot, even though I'd started leaving the case open, and aside from liquid cooling the thing or stuff like that, there isn't a way to get the thing cooler.

So, cheapie upgrade ($300+ for CPU, motherboard, 512 MB RAM) and I have a brand new computer! :D I think the most surprising thing about this computer is that it's so quiet. Apparently the processor and motherboard support this "Cool N' Quiet" technology that automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature of the processor, so if it's not very hot it'll be quieter. Amazingly, it actually works! I can barely tell that my computer is on. I think my TiVo is louder. ;)

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my old hardware. I suppose I could sell it on eBay, but that would require... effort of the kind that is not fun. Maybe I'll try craigslist.

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Ooh, how exciting! :D Last week, I bought myself a 17" Samsung LCD screen, and I love it to bits!

Flat panels are great. Much easier on the eyes!

And it only weighs 10lbs, and my 7-year-old CRT weighed 43lbs...

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