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Just another day at the HD house

I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast and tamiflu was sitting at the table, trying to teach Whore how to speak Swedish. Petr appeared, chinchilla on his shoulder, and sat down next to Whore as his chinchilla chittered happily. Whore was frowning with concentration but not getting it. tamiflu decided to take a different approach, and started telling them about the history of Cheese Sandwich aka Mikael Renberg. Then they all started weeping (including the chinchilla).

I heard intoxicated laughter and looked over to the bar, where lastcatastrophe and Cheech were sitting on stools chugging beer. "Hey! I'll get us some tequila!" Cheech slurred, standing up, then, in a display of grace familiar to Sharks fans everywhere, stumbling and falling on his face. lastcatastrophe swooned.

Toast and orange juice in hand, I headed into the living room, where joolzie was discussing hair color options for Marty Havlat with him. "How about a lovely deep blue?" she cooed, running her fingers through his hair as he flashed his incapacitating smile. Suddenly, Patrik Elias, wearing a dazzling silk fuschia vertically striped shirt, burst into the room, declaring, "No! It shall be blonde!" joolzie looked dismayed.

Sitting in front of the blazing fireplace were flanneryflyer and Chicken Parm Ray Ferraro sipping pinot noir, bathed in the sepia tones of a romantic comedy. Chicken Parm smiled softly, leaning in to drape an arm around her shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. flanneryflyer giggled and blushed in response, bashfully answering, "Oh no, I would never waste a draft choice on someone with that few PIMs!"

Having finished my breakfast, I went into the game room to see if anybody wanted to play pool. frala was sprawled on the green felt on her side as Eric and Brett Lindros took turns to feed her grapes. In fact, the room was crowded with people: Trevor Linden, Todd Bertuzzi, Markus Naslund, actually the entire Canucks team, the entire Moose team, all the Ruutu brothers, Daniel Alfredsson, Theo Fleury, etc. etc. frala beamed happily until a butterfly fluttered into the room through an open window, causing her to shriek in terror. Everyone in the room whipped out their butterfly nets to save her from the menace. I quickly exited the room.

I headed outside for some fresh air. Jiri Fischer was standing in the garden with his arms out, almightychrissy swinging blissfully on one of them. She swung forward and back, gaining momentum, then finally dismounted with a double somersault and half twist, sticking her landing. Seven half-naked dwarves popped out from behind bushes, holding out signs that said "10.0". Looking more closely, I realized that they were not dwarves, but the famed Hamm septuplets. They started arguing about whose scores were to be dropped and ended up scuffling and wrestling amongst themselves. almightychrissy, Fishy and ctr022501 (who appeared out of nowhere) sat down on the grass to watch, munching popcorn.

The sound of girlish giggling drew my attention to the jacuzzi where robi0688 and early_afternoon were luxuriating, sipping champagne. I set up the camera and left them to it.

Feeling somewhat flushed, I went back into the house, passing through the patio on the way. biorhythm and Sergei Fedorov were sitting on the pleasant cypress swing, flipping through a pimpsuit catalog to pick one for the wedding. Feds, who was looking quite sparkly, bedecked in bling, was torn between gold lame and purple velvet. Setting the book down, he asked biorhythm when she was going to get her implants. She responded by hitting him over the head with his pimp cane. (Happy birthday, Rebecca!!!)

I went back upstairs to my room, passing bkm5191's room on the way. It was full of Leafs. Inspecting them more closely, I realized that it was actually the cast of Lord of the Rings in Leafs uniforms. Sean Bean started talking about the Stanley Cup and how much he wanted it as his face twisted with greed and desire. bkm5191 stroked his hair and told him he was precious.

I opened the curtains in my room, standing at the window as I took in the view. The lake of fire flamed merrily in the distance, the cries of damned souls floating over melodiously in the wind. Ah yes, it's a good day.

Confused? Go down the rabbit hole. (From branwynelf)

And Nicky? Weird that you would post Fishy pics today!
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