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Town people and circus people

Happy birthday, Bernie!!! Got a Roberts/Nieuwendyk drabble for you.

Read The Circus In Winter last night. It's several linked short stories about circus performers at their winter residence in Indiana, and spans a few generations to follow the lives of their descendants who remain in the town even though the circus is long gone.

It made me achy in a good way. One of the characters in the book says that there are town people and circus people--town people want to stay in one place and circus people want to travel to new places and meet new people. Sometimes the characters are town people who are unhappy having to travel with the circus, but it's mostly circus people who end up, for whatever reason, living as town people but longing to travel and that's what made me all achy.

Watched 28 Days Later and Pleasantville, which is (disturbingly) more relevant today with the oppression of people in the name of "moral values" and all.
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