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MLT weekend, movies

Aieee, I'm at skip=420! *puffs* But I post before I forget stuff entirely.

Tammy Tammy Tammy!
tamiflu drove up to SF last weekend! (Not that I'm going to forget that. :P) Her hair is stylin'. Was very excited! We'd met three times before, but just for a few hours each time so we actually got to hang out and talk about stuff and gaze at sea lions together. We had dinner with Alex and he told us fucked up stories about Russia.

lastcatastrophe came up on Saturday and we all went to a Russian place in the Richmond for yummy Russian food that had genuine Russian customers who gave us Communist-wary looks as we entered. Everything was served with sour cream and the waiter kept saying "sank you" to end interactions with us. It was silly. :) Then we came back to my cave and talked. As Tammy says, it was kind of like a high school reunion, except that high school in this case was more like hockey porn school.

Embarrassingly, I led us into the Tenderloin where we were harrassed and witnessed a random act of violence. We were half a block from Market! In broad daylight! I really should have realized that it was a bad idea to go past the chess players. Because, you know, there are always chess players right where it gets hard. (So sorry, guys! *shamefaced*)

Anyway, it was a really fun weekend, just hanging out and talking and laughing. :D Oh yes, and I feel I have to point out that 1) I got Tammy in my bed and 2) she fondled my boobs. (My fake boobs, in case you're wondering.)

Movies and books
I watched Hero and Maria Full of Grace. I loved Hero. It's such a beautiful movie with so many beautiful locations. They went all over China for that one. I had this weird moment in the movie where I thought, "Whoa, my ancestors came from this country." Because before I thought that China was a sweltering hot concrete jungle like Singapore, of course.

I really, really liked that there was that impossible "flying" obviously done with wires in the fight scenes. It was that cool combination of the more traditional Hong Kong movies with Western influences like the telling the story in flashback and Greek chorus-like army thing. But at the same time it also made no sense, except in a very Chinese way. Confused yet? Heh.

I liked Maria Full of Grace for how real it felt. They didn't do the usual thing where they introduce way too many dramatic events and coincidences and everyone is weeping and wailing at the end. The story is powerful enough. At the end of it, I felt very lucky to be in the US. And how lucky everyone else is too. To be in this country (legally, heh) is to at least have the opportunity to live a decent life and that counts for a lot. That gets forgotten a lot in those endless movies that wax poetic about how horrible and boring and aimless life is, blah blah blah.

Read Waiting for the Galactic Bus by Parke Godwin last night. it was recommended to me by robi0688 and I enjoyed it! It had a Good Omens type feel in that it was a humorous take on religion, spirituality, God, the universe--all that heavy stuff. Some really cracking punchlines. :)

Here's the premise: Imagine two brothers off on an intergalatic Spring Break. When their friends leave them behind on Earth, they've got a few millenia to kill before they'll manage to get back to school. So, as an experiment, mind you, they decide to give evolution a bit of a nudge... And that's when all hell breaks loose... a little more literally than either of them planned...

Alex explains why the elves in LotR are gay
Both Alex and I thought that the LotR elves are gay, and his gf asked us to explain why. I started babbling about how they're kind of delicate and graceful and have slight builds which are thought of as feminine traits, and that makes them seem gay.

Alex's answer was that they live two thousand years, which gives them a lot of time to experiment.

Everyone agreed that the hobbits are undeniably gay.
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